Wequetequock, New London CO, CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cheeseboro, Jesse Sr  20 Jun 1765Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192698
2 Chesebrough, Abigail  30 Sep 1656Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I195588
3 Chesebrough, Ann  9 Oct 1706Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192685
4 Chesebrough, Ann (Anna)  9 Oct 1706Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I195747
5 Chesebrough, Anna  6 Jan 1743Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193843
6 Chesebrough, Bridget  15 Mar 1669Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192208
7 Chesebrough, Bridget  14 Sep 1731Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193840
8 Chesebrough, Bridget  21 Dec 1737Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192807
9 Chesebrough, David "King David"  2 Feb 1702Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I199664
10 Chesebrough, Elias  15 Apr 1768Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192703
11 Chesebrough, Elihu Sr  3 Dec 1668Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192216
12 Chesebrough, Elisha Sr  4 Apr 1667Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I195480
13 Chesebrough, Elizabeth  6 Jan 1669Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192606
14 Chesebrough, Eunice  14 Jan 1732Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193262
15 Chesebrough, Eunice  19 Feb 1740Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193842
16 Chesebrough, Jeremiah Rev  25 Aug 1697Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192682
17 Chesebrough, John  26 Jan 1731Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193261
18 Chesebrough, Jonathan Sr  13 Feb 1700Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192683
19 Chesebrough, Jonathan Jr  20 Nov 1734Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192938
20 Chesebrough, Joseph Sr  Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I51035
21 Chesebrough, Joseph Jr  13 Jan 1740Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192701
22 Chesebrough, Joseph  21 Jan 1782Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192709
23 Chesebrough, Lois  14 Jun 1775Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192706
24 Chesebrough, Lucy  21 Nov 1749Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193851
25 Chesebrough, Mary  10 Sep 1710Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192686
26 Chesebrough, Mary  6 Dec 1741Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192702
27 Chesebrough, Mary  3 Feb 1745Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192691
28 Chesebrough, Mercy  27 Jul 1786Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192711
29 Chesebrough, Phebe  24 May 1746Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193844
30 Chesebrough, Sabra  23 Nov 1777Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192707
31 Chesebrough, Samuel Jr  20 Nov 1660Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192589
32 Chesebrough, Samuel  16 Sep 1691Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192680
33 Chesebrough, Samuel Sr  24 Mar 1743Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192677
34 Chesebrough, Samuel Jr  25 Nov 1788Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192712
35 Chesebrough, Sarah  Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192693
36 Chesebrough, Simeon  7 Dec 1771Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192704
37 Chesebrough, Thankful  24 Jul 1766Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192699
38 Chesebrough, Thomas  19 Jan 1754Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193845
39 Chesebrough, William  8 Apr 1662Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I197321
40 Chesebrough, William  27 Aug 1693Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192681
41 Chesebrough, William "Silver Bill"  27 Sep 1738Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193263
42 Grant, Cyrus  15 Feb 1796Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192730
43 Miner, Bridget  31 Jan 1711Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193879
44 Miner, Mercie  21 Aug 1673Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I195491
45 Palmer, Nathaniel Stanton  1 Oct 1709Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192690
46 Palmer, Submit  23 Mar 1744Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192695


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chesebrough, Bridget  23 Jul 1733Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193840
2 Chesebrough, Bridget  14 Sep 1818Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192807
3 Chesebrough, Eunice  25 Jun 1733Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193262
4 Chesebrough, John  4 Nov 1733Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193261
5 Chesebrough, Jonathan Sr  17 Nov 1764Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192683
6 Chesebrough, Joseph Sr  Abt 1751Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I51035
7 Chesebrough, Mary  10 Jan 1742Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192702
8 Chesebrough, Nathaniel Sr  22 Nov 1678Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192200
9 Chesebrough, Samuel Sr  Abt 31 Jul 1673Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192169
10 Chesebrough, Samuel Sr  9 Sep 1811Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192677
11 Chesebrough, William  9 Jun 1667Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192170
12 Miner, Bridget  23 Apr 1766Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I193879
13 Palmer, Submit  12 Dec 1835Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192695
14 Stevenson, Anna  24 Aug 1673Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I192193


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Miner, Lieutenant Thomas  Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I76643
2 Palmer, Grace  Wequetequock, New London CO, CT I195485


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chesebrough / Hinckley  1 Jan 1739Wequetequock, New London CO, CT F79698
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