Adelong, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beegling, Miriam Violet  10 Jul 1896Adelong, NSW, Australia I97005
2 Beegling, Una Gladys  4 Apr 1906Adelong, NSW, Australia I97006
3 Boston, Fred  10 Aug 1909Adelong, NSW, Australia I97022
4 Boston, Gladys Ismay  7 Apr 1901Adelong, NSW, Australia I97017
5 Boston, Harriett Emily  14 Sep 1907Adelong, NSW, Australia I97019
6 Boston, Henry George  12 Jul 1911Adelong, NSW, Australia I97026
7 Boston, Hilda Irene  15 Feb 1896Adelong, NSW, Australia I96996
8 Boston, Percy Daniel  9 May 1897Adelong, NSW, Australia I97004
9 Carpenter, Charles  1880Adelong, NSW, Australia I97162
10 Carpenter, Harriet A.  1891Adelong, NSW, Australia I97165
11 Carpenter, Henry F.  1883Adelong, NSW, Australia I97163
12 Carpenter, Jane Maria  1878Adelong, NSW, Australia I97161
13 Carpenter, Maria Deborah  1885Adelong, NSW, Australia I97164
14 Carpenter, William John  15 Aug 1889Adelong, NSW, Australia I490596
15 Dickinson, Albert J.  1901Adelong, NSW, Australia I96972
16 Dickinson, Cecil L.  1898Adelong, NSW, Australia I96970
17 Dickinson, Edward G.  1893Adelong, NSW, Australia I96965
18 Dickinson, Esta  1890Adelong, NSW, Australia I96962
19 Dickinson, Hilda M. C.  1894Adelong, NSW, Australia I96966
20 Dickinson, Roy T. C.  1899Adelong, NSW, Australia I96971
21 Dickinson, Stanley F.  1891Adelong, NSW, Australia I96963
22 Dowsett, Charles Arthue  7 May 1873Adelong, NSW, Australia I490582
23 Prowse, Cecilia F.  1897Adelong, NSW, Australia I97057
24 Prowse, Frederick A.  1893Adelong, NSW, Australia I97055
25 Prowse, Hilda J.  1895Adelong, NSW, Australia I97056
26 Prowse, Robert F.  1900Adelong, NSW, Australia I97058
27 Purcell, Annie M.  1884Adelong, NSW, Australia I97087
28 Purcell, Benjamin  1880Adelong, NSW, Australia I97076
29 Purcell, Cecilia Harriett  28 Dec 1892Adelong, NSW, Australia I97098
30 Purcell, Edith M.  1895Adelong, NSW, Australia I97050
31 Purcell, Frederick W.  2 Nov 1877Adelong, NSW, Australia I97070
32 Purcell, Jane Turpin  9 Feb 1882Adelong, NSW, Australia I97081
33 Purcell, John  6 Aug 1873Adelong, NSW, Australia I97064
34 Purcell, Leslie Gordon  1893Adelong, NSW, Australia I97049
35 Purcell, Nancy C. M.  1909Adelong, NSW, Australia I97074
36 Purcell, Olive M.  1896Adelong, NSW, Australia I97051
37 Purcell, Rhoda Therese  1887Adelong, NSW, Australia I97092
38 Quinnell, Cyril F. J.  1894Adelong, NSW, Australia I97029
39 Quinnell, Mary  1899Adelong, NSW, Australia I97030
40 Roe, Frederick William Thomas  15 Mar 1888Adelong, NSW, Australia I97044
41 Roe, Harriett  7 Apr 1883Adelong, NSW, Australia I97040
42 Roe, Jane  26 Sep 1875Adelong, NSW, Australia I97027
43 Roe, Louisa  30 Jun 1880Adelong, NSW, Australia I97037
44 Roe, Maria Margaret  13 Jan 1873Adelong, NSW, Australia I96994
45 Roe, Nancy Jane  15 Jan 1878Adelong, NSW, Australia I97032
46 Whatman, Frederick Henry C.  1896Adelong, NSW, Australia I96977
47 Whatman, Vera Iris  1898Adelong, NSW, Australia I96978
48 Woodward, Harriet Emmeline  1878Adelong, NSW, Australia I97157
49 Woodward, Maria Ellen  10 Oct 1879Adelong, NSW, Australia I97107
50 Woodward, Thomas Purcell  1881Adelong, NSW, Australia I97158


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boston, Percy Daniel  18 Oct 1966Adelong, NSW, Australia I97004
2 Carpenter, Charles  19 Sep 1921Adelong, NSW, Australia I97160
3 Dickinson, Edward G.  1893Adelong, NSW, Australia I96965
4 Dickinson, Esta  1890Adelong, NSW, Australia I96962
5 Dowsett, Charles  1922Adelong, NSW, Australia I96955
6 Fergusson, Nancy Jane  25 Jun 1930Adelong, NSW, Australia I97046
7 Marshall, Hugh  11 Dec 1924Adelong, NSW, Australia I490597
8 Purcell, Annie  5 Jul 1926Adelong, NSW, Australia I97159
9 Purcell, Charles Frederick  25 Nov 1891Adelong, NSW, Australia I96951
10 Reynolds, Jane Turpin  15 Jan 1882Adelong, NSW, Australia I96952


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alldis / Purcell  1903Adelong, NSW, Australia F39040
2 Benson / Roe  1 May 1901Adelong, NSW, Australia F39032
3 Boston / Roe  22 May 1895Adelong, NSW, Australia F39079
4 Broome / Dickinson  1915Adelong, NSW, Australia F39072
5 Cabban / Purcell  1910Adelong, NSW, Australia F39041
6 Hazard / Roe  17 Aug 1904Adelong, NSW, Australia F39033
7 Humphreys / Purcell  1905Adelong, NSW, Australia F39042
8 Prowse / Boston  9 Apr 1955Adelong, NSW, Australia F39022
9 Prowse / Purcell  1892Adelong, NSW, Australia F39036
10 Purcell / Leslie  1891Adelong, NSW, Australia F39035
11 Purcell / Prowse  1900Adelong, NSW, Australia F39037
12 Quinnell / Roe  17 Aug 1895Adelong, NSW, Australia F39030
13 Whatman / Roe  28 Mar 1894Adelong, NSW, Australia F39074
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