Plymouth Colony, MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alden, Abigail  1721Plymouth Colony, MA I216348
2 Alden, Elizabeth  1623-1625Plymouth Colony, MA I124022
3 Alden, Jonathan  Abt 1632Plymouth Colony, MA I47840
4 Alden, Joseph  Aft 22 May 1627Plymouth Colony, MA I127434
5 Allen, Benjamin  30 Jan 1732Plymouth Colony, MA I216176
6 Billington, Isaac  Abt 1644Plymouth Colony, MA I15129
7 Billington, Mercy  1651Plymouth Colony, MA I77613
8 Bradford, Alice  1659Plymouth Colony, MA I215578
9 Bradford, Dr. Hannah  9 May 1662Plymouth Colony, MA I215580
10 Bradford, John Kingston  20 Feb 1652Plymouth Colony, MA I215568
11 Bradford, Joseph  Abt 1630Plymouth Colony, MA I127002
12 Bradford, Mary  1668Plymouth Colony, MA I215583
13 Bradford, Melatiah  1664Plymouth Colony, MA I215581
14 Bradford, Mercy  1627Plymouth Colony, MA I215567
15 Bradford, Mercy  1660Plymouth Colony, MA I215579
16 Bradford, Lt Samuel  1667Plymouth Colony, MA I215582
17 Bradford, Sarah  1671Plymouth Colony, MA I215584
18 Bradford, Thomas  1657Plymouth Colony, MA I215533
19 Bradford, Major William  17 Jun 1624Plymouth Colony, MA I131174
20 Bradford, William  1654Plymouth Colony, MA I215575
21 Canedy, Elizabeth  6 Aug 1682Plymouth Colony, MA I214368
22 Chandler, Phoebe  Plymouth Colony, MA I214337
23 Chauncey, Rev Nathaniel  1639Plymouth Colony, MA I209972
24 Church, Benjamin  1639Plymouth Colony, MA I48655
25 Cobb, John  1662Plymouth Colony, MA I214350
26 Cooke, Francis  Plymouth Colony, MA I214271
27 Cooke, Jacob  1653Plymouth Colony, MA I215543
28 Cooke, Ruth  Plymouth Colony, MA I215545
29 Cotton, Rev John  13 Mar 1640Plymouth Colony, MA I216642
30 Cotton, Rev Josiah  1680Plymouth Colony, MA I216655
31 Cotton, Rev Theophilus  1682Plymouth Colony, MA I216656
32 Cushman, Elkanah  1651Plymouth Colony, MA I215548
33 Deane, Susanna  1634Plymouth Colony, MA I215959
34 Doane, Rebecca  12 May 1668Plymouth Colony, MA I215944
35 Doty, John  1640Plymouth Colony, MA I215546
36 Faunce, John  3 Dec 1683Plymouth Colony, MA I48130
37 Faunce, Lydia  1714Plymouth Colony, MA I215504
38 Fenner, Phoebe  1665Plymouth Colony, MA I214270
39 Glass, Hannah  1651Plymouth Colony, MA I215503
40 Godfrey, Elizabeth  1625Plymouth Colony, MA I214310
41 Gray, Edward  1667Plymouth Colony, MA I214275
42 Gray, Elizabeth  1658Plymouth Colony, MA I214272
43 Gray, John  1661Plymouth Colony, MA I214274
44 Gray, Mary  1653Plymouth Colony, MA I214260
45 Gray, Sarah  1659Plymouth Colony, MA I214273
46 Hopkins, Deborah  Abt 1624Plymouth Colony, MA I49823
47 Hoskins, Sarah  16 Sep 1636Plymouth Colony, MA I591236
48 Howland, Bethiah  1674Plymouth Colony, MA I215275
49 Howland, Elizabeth  Plymouth Colony, MA I215282
50 Howland, Experience  1687Plymouth Colony, MA I215280

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Annable, Elizabeth Lisnor  1717Plymouth Colony, MA I213752
2 Billington, Lydia  1716Plymouth Colony, MA I183299
3 Bradford, Mercy  1657Plymouth Colony, MA I215567
4 Bradford, Gov. Col. William III  9 May 1657Plymouth Colony, MA I47392
5 Bradford, Major William  1703Plymouth Colony, MA I131174
6 Brewster, Patience  Bef 12 Dec 1634Plymouth Colony, MA I199209
7 Brown, Rebecca  Aft 9 Mar 1699Plymouth Colony, MA I197503
8 Canedy, Alexander  1718Plymouth Colony, MA I213749
9 Churchman, Anna  Plymouth Colony, MA I131277
10 Cobb, Martha  1775Plymouth Colony, MA I214353
11 Cobb, Rachel  1769Plymouth Colony, MA I135759
12 Cooke, Jacob  1675Plymouth Colony, MA I215524
13 Cotton, Rev Josiah  1756Plymouth Colony, MA I216655
14 Cushman, Elkanah  1727Plymouth Colony, MA I215548
15 Doty, John  1701Plymouth Colony, MA I215546
16 Dunham, Deacon John  2 Mar 1668Plymouth Colony, MA I48142
17 Fisher, Elizabeth  1639Plymouth Colony, MA I49819
18 Hopkins, Damaris  Abt 1669Plymouth Colony, MA I49825
19 Hopkins, Deborah  1666Plymouth Colony, MA I49823
20 Hopkins, Stephen  23 Jun 1644Plymouth Colony, MA I49808
21 Irish, Elizabeth  Plymouth Colony, MA I183297
22 Lockwood, Eilnor  1642Plymouth Colony, MA I137305
23 May, Dorothy  1620Plymouth Colony, MA I215569
24 Prence, Governor Thomas I  29 Mar 1673Plymouth Colony, MA I199257
25 Richards, Alice  12 Dec 1671Plymouth Colony, MA I131289
26 Ring, Susanna  Plymouth Colony, MA I428956
27 Rogers, Thomas  1621Plymouth Colony, MA I47405
28 Soule, Nathaniel  1699Plymouth Colony, MA I214380
29 Soule, Rebecca  1732Plymouth Colony, MA I129868
30 Soule, Sarah  1691Plymouth Colony, MA I129870
31 Standish, Lieutenant Moses  1769Plymouth Colony, MA I135758
32 Thacher, Anthony  1667Plymouth Colony, MA I215284
33 Tinkham, Helkiah  1731Plymouth Colony, MA I215552
34 Vermayes, Benjamin  Plymouth Colony, MA I215574
35 Washburn, John  1750Plymouth Colony, MA I183298
36 Washburn, Philip  1700Plymouth Colony, MA I214745
37 Weston, Edmund  1727Plymouth Colony, MA I130205
38 Weston, Zachariah  1763Plymouth Colony, MA I214333
39 Winslow, Gov. Josias  Plymouth Colony, MA I108164
40 Wood, Mary  1714Plymouth Colony, MA I215571
41 Wright, Richard  1691Plymouth Colony, MA I215523


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradford / Bourne  1650Plymouth Colony, MA F81121
2 Bradford / Carpenter  14 Aug 1623Plymouth Colony, MA F19891
3 Bradford / Richards  1650Plymouth Colony, MA F81143
4 Bradford / Wood  1667Plymouth Colony, MA F81140
5 Byram / Alden  1738Plymouth Colony, MA F79059
6 Cary / Taylor  1733Plymouth Colony, MA F81595
7 Cobb / Soule  1688Plymouth Colony, MA F83653
8 Cooke / Hopkins  1646Plymouth Colony, MA F81170
9 Cooke / Latham  1687Plymouth Colony, MA F84011
10 Doty / Cooke  1667Plymouth Colony, MA F81169
11 Freeman / Prence  1646Plymouth Colony, MA F87450
12 Gray / Morton  1686Plymouth Colony, MA F83946
13 Gray / Winslow  1650Plymouth Colony, MA F84008
14 Howland / Reed  Bef 1630Plymouth Colony, MA F53687
15 Howland / Thacher  Abt 1668Plymouth Colony, MA F78387
16 Hungerford / Gray  1671Plymouth Colony, MA F83970
17 Latham / Winslow  1649Plymouth Colony, MA F84032
18 Little / Gray  1682Plymouth Colony, MA F83967
19 Miller / Winslow  Plymouth Colony, MA F81155
20 Payne / Winslow  1666Plymouth Colony, MA F83926
21 Prence / Brewster  5 Aug 1624Plymouth Colony, MA F81559
22 Rogers / Churchman  16 Apr 1639Plymouth Colony, MA F52913
23 Smith / Howland  4 Mar 1648Plymouth Colony, MA F87810
24 Southworth / Collier  1637Plymouth Colony, MA F87441
25 Southworth / Gray  1672Plymouth Colony, MA F84003
26 Vermayes / Bradford  21 Dec 1648Plymouth Colony, MA F81134
27 Washburn / Irish  Plymouth Colony, MA F81186
28 Washburn / Mitchell  6 Dec 1645Plymouth Colony, MA F14813
29 West / Canedy  21 Oct 1706Plymouth Colony, MA F83415
30 Wright / Carpenter  Abt 1627Plymouth Colony, MA F312184
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