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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1814New York State I102591
2 Jerusha  1776New York State I102172
3 Lydia Ann  1816New York State I102692
4 Mary Ann  1840New York State I102937
5 Mary Lydia  Abt 1841New York State I102644
6 Aller, George Edmond  Abt 1905New York State I341581
7 Anderson, John Peter  Abt 1864New York State I342099
8 Baldwin, Melvin E.  Abt 1870New York State I341892
9 Benham, Lucinda J.  1834New York State I102565
10 Boyce, Mary  Abt 1866New York State I341955
11 Boyce, Mary  Abt 1885New York State I342000
12 Chandler, Sally  Abt 1792New York State I112528
13 Cole, Herbert , Jr.  Abt 1905New York State I342102
14 Cummings, Julia E.  15 Jul 1853New York State I430583
15 Delap, Rev. Ambrose Corkin  1803New York State I99241
16 Delap, Dr. Elijah  1820New York State I102928
17 Delap, George  1815New York State I102958
18 Delap, Harriet  1831New York State I101743
19 Delap, Hiram  Abt 1802New York State I101598
20 Delap, Ira  Abt 1815New York State I102691
21 Delap, Jerome  1819New York State I102705
22 Delap, John W.  1839New York State I102936
23 Delap, Joseph  Abt 1770New York State I102158
24 Delap, Kelsey  Abt 1810New York State I102685
25 Delap, Rev. Robert  15 Apr 1797New York State I102160
26 Delap, William  1770-1780New York State I102065
27 Delap, William J. Jr.  1797New York State I102274
28 Drake, Harriett Gleason  3 Jul 1829New York State I102026
29 Duell, Felicia (Philetia)  27 Jan 1805New York State I336899
30 Eggleston, Thomas  Abt 1875New York State I341982
31 Ellis, Dorothy  29 Aug 1916New York State I342011
32 Ellis, Madeline  Abt 1918New York State I342003
33 French, Amorette  1835New York State I113050
34 French, Susan I.  1817New York State I102959
35 Gailor, Ethel  Abt 1910New York State I342078
36 Gallup, Samuel  New York State I308266
37 Galusha, Beth  Abt 1895New York State I342001
38 Gault, Matthew  New York State I102625
39 Graham, Carrie M.  Abt 1873New York State I341886
40 Graham, Charles Blaine  1891New York State I341891
41 Graham, Ida L.  Abt 1870New York State I341885
42 Graham, Iva M.  1887New York State I341890
43 Graham, Leda A.  1882New York State I341889
44 Graham, M. Belle  Abt 1875New York State I341887
45 Greene, Mary Catherine  1827New York State I102706
46 Kinney, Elizabeth  1801New York State I102059
47 Lipsie, Louis  Abt 1875New York State I341964
48 Ostrander, Edward G.  Abt 1905New York State I341576
49 Reisinger, Paul  Abt 1872New York State I341574
50 Robison, Allen  New York State I100705

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aller, George Edmond  New York State I341581
2 Baldwin, Melvin E.  New York State I341892
3 Baldwin, Rosabell  New York State I341888
4 Boyce, Mary  New York State I341955
5 Boyce, Mary  New York State I342000
6 Cole, Herbert , Jr.  New York State I342102
7 Ellis, Amy  New York State I341558
8 Ellis, Dorothy  16 Jun 1942New York State I342011
9 Ellis, Elijah A.  New York State I341879
10 Gailor, Ethel  New York State I342078
11 Galusha, Beth  New York State I342001
12 Gildersleeve, Elizabeth  New York State I342119
13 Graham, Byron J.  New York State I341872
14 Graham, Ida L.  New York State I341885
15 Granger, Mary  New York State I341966
16 Gray, Ermah  Bef 1922New York State I341674
17 Holland, Marion C.  New York State I341672
18 Holland, Stephen L.  New York State I341669
19 Jeffers, Walter W.  New York State I341961
20 Peters, Anna A.  New York State I341963
21 Reisinger, Paul  New York State I341574
22 Tubbs, Nathan  New York State I341666
23 van Buren, Bessie  New York State I341999


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baldwin / Graham  New York State F135277
2 Delap /   New York State F41443
3 Delap /   Abt 1831New York State F44276
4 Delap / Andros  2 May 1833New York State F40049
5 Delap / Kinney  Abt 1830New York State F41435
6 Eggleston / Woodcock  New York State F135296
7 Ellis / Boyce  New York State F135194
8 Ellis / Galusha  1 Mar 1914New York State F135195
9 Ellis / Granger  New York State F135193
10 Ellis / Humphrey  New York State F135274
11 Ellis / van Buren  New York State F135191
12 Graham / Baldwin  New York State F135268
13 Graham / Boyce  New York State F135272
14 Marble / Delap  1828New York State F43860
15 McDonald / Barcume  1847New York State F127770
16 Ostrander / Reisinger  New York State F135175
17 Reisinger / Ellis  New York State F135155
18 Springer / Burnham  New York State F135318
19 Tubbs / Ellis  New York State F135164
20 White / Ellis  New York State F135298
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