Montgomeryshire, Wales





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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Seisyll  1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I572139
2 ap Bleddyn, Mael  1067Montgomeryshire, Wales I556877
3 ap Bleddyn, King Maredudd  Abt 1060Montgomeryshire, Wales I41224
4 ap Cadwgan, Madog  Abt 1102Montgomeryshire, Wales I149677
5 ap Cadwgon, Owain  Abt 1070Montgomeryshire, Wales I481762
6 ap Cynwrig Efell, Ieuaf  Abt 1170Montgomeryshire, Wales I675838
7 ap Cynwrig Efell, Rhirid  Abt 1170Montgomeryshire, Wales I676090
8 ap Dolffyn, Cynfelyn  Abt 1170Montgomeryshire, Wales I593822
9 ap Goronwy, Goronwy 'Fychan'  1200Montgomeryshire, Wales I556899
10 ap Gronwy, Gronwy Fychan  Abt 1245Montgomeryshire, Wales I243393
11 ap Hywel, Maredudd "Yr Hên"  Abt 1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I675837
12 ap Iorwerth, Elise  Abt 1229Montgomeryshire, Wales I578879
13 ap Llewellyn, Llewellyn Vychan  1202Montgomeryshire, Wales I546803
14 ap Llywarch, Goronwy  1164Montgomeryshire, Wales I578759
15 ap Llyward, Gronwy  1164Montgomeryshire, Wales I243349
16 ap Madog, Cynwrig "Efell"  Abt 1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I41232
17 ap Madog, Rhiwallon  Abt 1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I676095
18 ap Maredudd, Prince Madoc  Abt 1091Montgomeryshire, Wales I41218
19 ap Owain, Iorwerth  Abt 1175Montgomeryshire, Wales I578889
20 ap Rhiwallon, Dolffyn  Abt 1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I676086
21 ap Rhiwallon, Ifor "Llwyd"  Abt 1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I676097
22 Corbett-Winder, Harriet Millicent  Abt 1874Montgomeryshire, Wales I270199
23 ferch Bleddyn, Denis  Abt 1062Montgomeryshire, Wales I149674
24 ferch Bleddyn, Efa  Abt 1042Montgomeryshire, Wales I556878
25 ferch Bleddyn, Gwenllian  Abt 1056Montgomeryshire, Wales I556864
26 ferch Bradwen, Isabel  1132Montgomeryshire, Wales I572140
27 ferch Cynfelyn, Alswn  Abt 1200Montgomeryshire, Wales I676077
28 ferch Gronwy, Joan  Abt 1189Montgomeryshire, Wales I263782
29 ferch Ieuaf, Gwenhwyfar  Abt 1200Montgomeryshire, Wales I577972
30 ferch Madoc, Gwenlian  Abt 1131Montgomeryshire, Wales I41230
31 ferch Madoc, Maraded  Abt 1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I41164
32 ferch Owain, Tangwystl  Abt 1248Montgomeryshire, Wales I572078
33 ferch Rhirid Foel, Gwladus  Abt 1200Montgomeryshire, Wales I676054
34 ferch Rhiwallon, Jonet  Abt 1130Montgomeryshire, Wales I676099
35 Grant, Guyon  Abt 1140Montgomeryshire, Wales I578758
36 Madog, Owain "Brogyntyn" ap  1128Montgomeryshire, Wales I578893
37 Pitcher, Efa  Abt 1185Montgomeryshire, Wales I556821
38 Pitcher, Joan  Abt 1180Montgomeryshire, Wales I572188
39 Pitcher, Miles  Abt 1145Montgomeryshire, Wales I556827
40 Pitcher, Miles  Abt 1145Montgomeryshire, Wales I572175


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Owen, Rowland  Aft 1625Montgomeryshire, Wales I217168
2 Pugh, Richard  Montgomeryshire, Wales I217169


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blewett / de Powis  Abt 1275Montgomeryshire, Wales F47109
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