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James Coate

James Coate[1]

Male Bef 1737 - 1806  (~ 69 years)    Has more than 100 ancestors and 3 descendants in this family tree.

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  • Name James Coate 
    Relationshipwith Francis Fox
    Born Bef 1737 
    Gender Male 
    Died 1806  [2
    Person ID I202205  Geneagraphie
    Last Modified 7 Mar 2001 

    Father Henry Coate,   b. 1700, Kingwood Mm, Hunterdon Co., NJ, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt May 1784, Newberry Co., South Carolina, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 84 years) 
    Mother Esther Willson,   b. Aug 1711, Chesterfield Twp., Burlington Co, NJ, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 1757  (Age ~ 45 years) 
    Married Mar 1731  Chesterfield Mm, Burlington, NJ Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Siblings 2 siblings 
    Family ID F82818  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Rebekah,   d. Abt 1816 
     1. Nancy Coate,   d. Bef 13 Jan 1807
     2. Mary Coate
     3. John Coate,   b. Bef 1785,   d. Yes, date unknown
    Last Modified 7 Mar 2001 
    Family ID F82890  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 
    • It is likely that James is Marmaduke's oldest brother as Marmaduke names a son James before he names a son John.

      James is listed in the 1759 Rowan County, North Carolina Tax records. James Coate is believed to have moved to Bush River MM, SC from New Garden MM, Guilford Co., NC around 1763. Quaker records in North Carolina say that he and his brother, Marmaduke, left without certificates of removal about that time. (C-253c)

      In the 1770's James was personally involved in som land transactions. They are transcribed here by Charlotte Coats-Siercks. James Coate to John Crunley Indenture: This Indenture made the Sixteenth day of January One Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy Two Between James Coate and Rebekah his wife of the County of Berkley and Province of South Carolina of the one part and John Cranles of the said County of the other part in Witnesseth that the said James Coate for and in consideration of ? of Ten Shillings Currant Money of this Province to him in hand ? will and truly had the Right whereof is hereby ? ? the said James Coate hath bargained and sold and by those present do bargain and sell unto the said John Crumley ???a tract of land containing Two hundred and fifty acres lying in the County aforesaid bounded on North East by land of Samuel Kelley southwest part by land of Joseph Cumely on all other sides by vacant land and having shape as appears by Plat original to the General Grant ???? fully appears together with ? and singular the houses existing buildings barns ?????? timber Trees Meadows Pastures fishing ponds lake ????? and appurtenances whatever there belonging or in any such appurtening and the ???? remainder and remainders rents ??? and every part and parcel thereof to have and to hold the said Plantation and tract of two hundred and fifty acres of land with every the above ? and appurtenances ? unto belonging unto the said John Crumley his heirs and assigned from the day next below the date of the date of these present for and during and unto the full end ??? year from the ?? ens? and fully to be completion and ended ?? therefor unto said Coate the Rent of one Pepper Corn on the ? day of said Term. ? shall be lawfully demand to the ? land ? that by virtue of ??? of the Start for Transfer ? unto possession the said Crumley may ? in actual possession of all and singular the premises above mentioned with every their appurtenances ? belonging and and be thereby the better enabled to ? take and Receive the possession and inheritance thereof ? is ???? his heirs granted and ? the said James Coate and Rebekah his wife in another indenture ?? to be made and dated the day ? the date hereof In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and year above written. Signed Sealed and delivered in the presents of: David Reed, Nathaniel Hannah (?), William Coate Signed: James Coate and Rebekah Coate -seal- This Indenture made the Sixteenth day of January one thousand Seven hundred and seventy two Release James Coate of the County of Berkley of the one part and Province of South Carolina and John Crumley of the said County of the other part whereas in and by certain grant bearing date May fourth One thousand Seven hundred (penciled in is 1771) seventy one under the hand of the Honorable William Bull, Esq. Said governments commissioner in chief in and for the Province of South Carolina and the great seal of the Province for the purpose appointed ? and grant unto James Coate a Plantation or tract of land containing two Hundred fifty acres situate and lying in Berkley County bounded northeast by land ? Samuel Kelley southwest by land of Joseph Curry all other sides by vacant land and has such shape and form and marks as witness by a Plat thereof annexed to the original grant and duly recorded in the ? of ? of the said Province reference being ? to had may more fully appear ? this Indenture Witnesseth that the said James Coate and Rebakah his wife ? in consideration of the sum of three hundred fifty pounds to him in hand paid by the said John Crumley at and ? the sealing and delivery of the presents the ? whereof hereto being ? ? and to be sully contented and paid hand granted bargained sold and promises released conveyed and confirmed and by these present do grant bargain sell ? release convey and confirm unto the said John Crumley in his ? possession now being by ? bargain and sell to hi thereof woods for now whole year ? of the statute for Transferring of lands into possession to his heirs and assigns for ever all the said plantation or tract of land ? houses out houses existing buildings barns stables yards ? orchard woods meadows timber timber trees meadow pastures ponds lakes fishing ways waters ? paths ? of liberties privileges profits ? and eighty ? and appurtenances whatsoever there unto belonging or in every wise appertaining and the possession and release and ?? beginning rents ? and profits thereof and of every part and parcel thereof and all ? state right title interest use trust possession ? ? benefit claim and demand whatsoever of him ? said James Coate and Rebecah his wife of in to or out of the ?? every the appurtenances there unto belonging ? released and conveyed unto said John Crumley is heirs and assigns forever to the ??? the said Crumley his heirs and assigns ? said James Coate and Rebekah his wife ??? their heirs executors administrators and assigns forever ? and agree to and with the said John Crumley his heirs assigns and ? from following ?????? (a lot of the question marks are old legalize for deeds...) said ? and his wife ? and until the execution of these presents ? do ????? of and in all the said plantation and tract of two hundred and fifty acres of land with the rights ? and appurtenances without any manner ??? whatsoever to ? changed or ditimine the same and ? that the said John Caumley his heirs and assigns shall and may from time to time and at all times hereafter peaceably and quietly ? hold ? occupy possession enjoy the said Plantation or tract of with every the premises and appurtenances there ? belonging without any manner of trouble hindrance ? interruptions or ? of him the said James Coate and Rebecah his wife or their heirs or assigns and of all and every ? person or persons whatsoever and lastly the said James Coate and Rebeca his wife for themselves their heirs executors admins and assigns the said plantation or tract of two hundred and fifty acres of land with the premises unto the said John Crumley his heirs and assigns against him the said James Coate Rebeca his wife their heirs and assigns and all and every other person or persons ? and ? warrant and for ever defend by those presents in ? whereof we have here unto set our hands and seals the day and year first above written signed sealed and delivere in the presents of: David Reed, Nathaniel Haworth, William Coate Signed: James Coate, Rebekah Coate - Seal Rec'd of John Crumley the full contents of the consideration ? within mentioned this 16 day of January Anno Dom. 1772....signed: James Coate Wit: David Reed, Nathaniel Haworth South Carolina Newberry County ?? that on the 20th day of ? in the year of our Lord 1791 personally appeared Nathaniel Haworth one of the subscribing witnesses to the contents of the ???? affirmed that the said James Coate & Rebeca his wife sign and acknowledged the within lease and release as their ??for the purpose ? mentioned and ??? the said James Coate sign and acknowledge the ??? the said David Reed and William Coate subscribing names as witnesses to the same with himself satisfied ?? mo the day and year above written: Meur Babb J.P. Signed: Nathaniel Haworth ? True record of the original lease and release this 4 day of February 1795 Source: Newberry County Court Misc Records Book C pages 90-93

      He is also a witness in the following deed for his brother, Little John Coate: In 1779, Book B, p. 255, Henry Rugheley to John Coats of Scotch Creek - 100 acres on Bush Creek, adjoining Robert Ball but it is blurred...also 150 acres - originally surveyed for Samuel Chapman, also on Bush River adjoining Benjamin Alkins, Hugh Creighton and Giles Chapman...also 107 acres - originally granted to Giles Chapman - this deed was recorded in 1793 and witnessed by James Coate & John Williamson....(char's note this deed conveyed three different pieces of land)

      He is likely the James who joined the Bush River Baptist Church on Aug 25, 1802. His wife, Rebecca Coat joined the following month on Sept 4, 1802. The Baptist records don't often state a husband wife relationship, so this is literally an assumption of marriage on my part in these Bush River Baptist records. They lived near the Baptist Church. There was also a William, a Mary and a Henry Coate who were listed as members that could be their children. (C-1858)

      I believe he is the James Coate whose estate was probated starting on Jan. 13, 1807 in Newberry, SC and will state why below. His widow Rebekah relinquished the administration of his estate unto Stephen McCraw (a neighbor and possible relative). (C-1579)

      Several Coate researchers believe that this James is the one married to Elizabeth Scott. I personally disagree for the following reasons. Children of James and Elizabeth Scott appear to have been born in the 1780's and 90's. This suggests that there father was likely born from 1750-1760. The James who was the son of Henry and Esther Willson was born before 1738. Secondly, James, husband of Elizabeth, also did not move to Edgefield, SC until 1800, whereas Quaker records state that James and Marmaduke (his brother) both had moved from the New Garden Monthly Meeting to the Fredericksburg Monthly Meeting around 1769.

      On the other hand, the James in Berkeley Co., SC, matches well as being the son of Henry and Esther Willson Coate for the following reasons. 1) James is listed as a witness when Zebulon Gaunt, purchases 100 acres on the N. side of the Saluda River on Palmetto Branch in Sept. of 1764 in Berkeley Co., SC. source:  South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1719-1772 Vol. III, 1755-1768, Books QQ-H-3, Clara A. Langley (as copied by Charlotte Coate-Siercks). p. 369 Book H-3, p. 262, 6 & 7 Sept. 1764, L&R:  "Jeremiah Warrin, planter, to Zebulon Gaunt, millwright, both of Berkeley Co., for 50 pounds currency 100 a on N side Saluda River, on Palmeto Branch, bounding on all sides on vacant land; granted by Gov. William Henry Lyttelton to Jeremiah Williams (?).  Witnesses:  Stephen Elmore, James Coate, before Andrew Brown, 8 Oct. 1764.  Recorded 25 Jan. 1768 by Fenwicke Bull, Registrar." This verifies that he was in the Berkeley Co., SC region by 1764 after having disappeared from NC records, at least long enough to witness a land transaction. 2) James bought 250 acres in 1768. This land was adjacent to Samuel Kelly's land (whom also is mentioned as living next to William Coate (an uncle of James if he is the son of Henry and Esther Willson Coate) and Henry Coate (his father?). 3) He is likely the same James who purchased 150 acres of land adjacent to his land in 1771. His land was also adjacent to a John Coate (his possible brother named Little John who was a son of Henry and Esther Willson Coate, or even more likely a son John). This theory is entirely based on the same James purchasing both pieces of land. It makes sense, because he sold part of one of the properties shortly after he purchased the second one. It also appears that he purchased the second property adjoining his first property. He also lived on the Beaver Dam Creek area off Bush River that was near Thomas Coate, a likely cousin, and probable son of Uncle William Coate. (Note, this is a different Beaver Dam Creek than the one where Big John Coate lived located off the Saluda River, but it is the same creek where Gentleman John lived meaning this James might be the son of Gentleman John instead?) 4) This land purchase totals 400 acres, meaning that there were at least 7 persons in his household by 1771. Let's use this info to estimate his age. He was at least 21 when he purchased land in 1768, meaning that he was born before 1747. However, he also likely had at least 5 children by 1771. Let's approximate that they were born every two years after he was age 21. This would add an average of 10 years to his age and estimate his birthdate at before 1737. This is exactly the time period in which the James who was the son of Henry and Esther Willson was born. 5) Henry and Esther's sons, Marmaduke and James are listed in the Quaker Meeting in New Garden MM records as having been disowned and moved out of the North Carolina area before 1769. This is the time frame when both Marmaduke, Little John, James and Henry begin showing up in Berkeley Co., SC on Bush Creek. The first 3 being the sons of Henry are all listed in Quaker records as they moved south from Hunterdon Co., NJ into North Carolina, and though not all of them remained Quaker in SC --- are all consistently buying land and living near each other in SC. 6) When James sold some of his land in 1772, his wife's name was Rebecah. His witness to the 1772 sale was William Coate (likely uncle living near him). 7) The only James we know of that was married to a Rebekah, had his estate settled in Newberry, SC in 1807. Only two relationships are named in the administration when they pay money to their father's estate. The named daughters were Nancy Coate who died unmarried shortly after her father and her money (127.06) went back into the estate and Mary Coate, named wife of Joseph Hall who placed $140.00 back into it. There was a long list of debts to be paid. John Coate witnessed the administration, and both he and Jesse Coate were amongst persons who made purchases in the sale of the estate. Some abstracts of the deed also state a Sarah Kendall made purchases, but this is interpreted as Sam. Kendall in the abstract copy I have. There was a note mentioned from James Coate to John Coate on Feb. 10, 1806 for $50.00. John Coate is again a witness to the 1814 sale of land that Rebekah Coate and her second husband William Dillon were selling at that time. I theorize that this John, still living in Berekely Co. in 1814, and witnessing both events, was the son of James and Rebekah Coats and was also the John Cotes living next to James in the 1771 plat map. Jesse Coate might be his son also, but he could easily be the son of Thomas Coate named Jesse that lived near Thomas Coate's land off the Bush River. 8) James, Rebecca, Nancy and Mary are also listed in "Quaker Families of South Carolina & Georgia" by Medlin. James, son of Henry, was a Quaker when he moved from NJ to New Garden MM, NC and from New Garden MM to Fredericksburg MM, SC (even though in the New Garden MM records he and Marmaduke were disowned for moving without a certificate of removal.) He lived near the Bush River Baptist Church and a James and Rebeckah Coate appear as members there in the Newberry District of SC. This could explain why only part of his family is listed in Quaker records, as they converted to the Baptist faith in Bush River. (C-1927)

      James also witnessed a 1772 purchase of land. Book Y-3, pp. 313-317, 11 Jan. 1772, L&R:  George Rey, laborer, & Mary (her mark) his wife, to Robert Mars, laborer, for 160 pounds currency, 200 a. in Berkeley Co., in the fork between Broad & Saludy Rivers, on a small branch of Indian Creek; bounding SW on Thomas Gordon; NW on Edward Musgrove; other sides on vacant land. Witnesses:  James McCracken, Anthony Pork, James Coate.  Before Thomas Wadlington, J.P. Recorded 5 Mar. 1772 by Rowland H or Rugeley, Register. (C-1466)

      There are a couple other James that can be confused with this James. A James Coate had a will administered in 1807 with Mary Coate listed as executor, Box 5, Estate 12 in Newberry Co., SC. There was a James Cotes who married Robena Ryle on 3/13/1759 in Rowan Co., NC and is likely to have multiple offspring in that region. She was the likely daughter of John Ryle, an innkeeper in Salisbury, NC (1755). (C-1487, C-938, 1406, 1819)

  • Sources 
    1. [S1673] Park, Ernest S., Anc..of Marmaduke Coate, Ernest S. Park, (unpub, c1950, 1960).

    2. [S1703] Medlin, William, Quaker Families/ SC, William Medlin, (Ben Franklin Press).

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