Toledo, New Castile, Spain



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Álvarez Gomez de Ayala, Pedro  1356Toledo, New Castile, Spain I106501
2 Armildez, Arabuena  1259Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103229
3 Comnenus, Condé Pedro  8 Aug 1053Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103666
4 da Cunha, Teresa Vasquez  Abt 1285Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103226
5 de Ayala, Fernan Pérez  1304-1306Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103685
6 de Ayala, Inez Alfonso  1337-1338Toledo, New Castile, Spain I101149
7 de Ayala, Pedro Sanchez Lopez "Motila", Señor  Abt 1278Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103686
8 de Ayala, Sanchia  Abt 1356Toledo, New Castile, Spain I75923
9 de Ayala, Sancho Lopez  1246-1250Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103687
10 de Ayala, Teresa Gomez  1362Toledo, New Castile, Spain I101451
11 de Gamboa, Elvira Sanchez  1218Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103695
12 de Gamboa, Sancho Perez  1186Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103697
13 de Guzmán, Ximena Nunez  Abt 1060Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103667
14 de Haro, Conde Diego Lopez "el Bueno"  Abt 1165Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103691
15 de Haro, Conde Lope Diaz  1191-1192Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103690
16 de Haro, Lope Lopez 'El Chico'  Abt 1210Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103689
17 de Haro, Pero Lopez  1231Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103688
18 de Illan, Luna  1206Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103669
19 de Lara, Maria Manriquez  1129Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103692
20 de León, Urraca Alfonsez  Abt 1190Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103693
21 de Mena, Andrea Diaz  1190Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103696
22 de Palomeque, Gomez Perez de Guzmán  1256Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103228
23 de Palomeque, Urraca  1233Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103671
24 de Piedrolas, Maria Ininguez  1130-1132Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103701
25 de Toledo, Diego Garcia  1284Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103222
26 de Toledo, Diego Gomez de Guzmán  1334Toledo, New Castile, Spain I101148
27 de Toledo, Fernan Perez  1203Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103406
28 de Toledo, Juan Perez  1208Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103678
29 de Toledo, Teresa Garcia  Abt 1312Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103217
30 de Toledo y Illan, Pedro Fernandez  1229Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103405
31 de Velasco, Dona Aldonca  1250Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103711
32 de Zurbano, Alberta Sauz  1100Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103708
33 Dominico, Maria  1185Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103684
34 Garcia, Diego  1160Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103680
35 Garcia, Pedro  1184Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103679
36 Girón, Berenguela Gonzales  1186Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103694
37 Gutierrez, Pedro  1177Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103662
38 Melendez, Este Rodrigo  1111Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103682
39 Perez, Gutierre  1150Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103663
40 Perez, Melen  1084Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103683
41 Rodiguez, Garcia  1132Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103681
42 Suarez, Pedro  1120Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103664


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 de Palomeque, Gomez Perez de Guzmán  27 Jan 1290-1291Toledo, New Castile, Spain I103228


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Álvarez Gomez de Ayala / de Orozao  1382Toledo, New Castile, Spain F41085
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