Braintree, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Marjorie  1546Braintree, Essex, England I316425
2 Baldwin, Grace  Abt 1592Braintree, Essex, England I131792
3 Burton, NN  Abt 1590Braintree, Essex, England I123341
4 Butler, Richard  1600Braintree, Essex, England I118547
5 Hart, Deacon Stephen II  25 Jan 1602Braintree, Essex, England I102080
6 Hawkins, John  1560-1570Braintree, Essex, England I178003
7 Lingwood, Alice  Abt 1567Braintree, Essex, England I123359
8 Lingwood, Geoffrey  Abt 1562Braintree, Essex, England I123362
9 Lingwood, John  Abt 1563Braintree, Essex, England I123358
10 Lingwood, Susan  Abt 1569Braintree, Essex, England I123360
11 Loomis, Ann  1592Braintree, Essex, England I123340
12 Loomis, Elizabeth  1596Braintree, Essex, England I123343
13 Loomis, Jane  1598Braintree, Essex, England I123336
14 Loomis, Jeoffrey  1596Braintree, Essex, England I123338
15 Loomis, John  Abt 1622Braintree, Essex, England I130820
16 Loomis, Joseph  24 Aug 1590Braintree, Essex, England I111705
17 Loomis, Joseph  Abt 1616Braintree, Essex, England I129721
18 Loomis, Mary  Abt 1620Braintree, Essex, England I111706
19 Loomis, Nathaniel  Abt 1626Braintree, Essex, England I130819
20 Loomis, Sarah  Abt 1617Braintree, Essex, England I129722
21 Loomis, Thomas  Abt 1624Braintree, Essex, England I129723
22 Marsh, John  Abt 1560Braintree, Essex, England I261458
23 Marsh, John Jr.  Apr 1618Braintree, Essex, England I131788
24 Parye, Margaret Ann  24 Aug 1540Braintree, Essex, England I111688
25 Pengally,  Abt 1594Braintree, Essex, England I123344
26 Preston, William  Abt 1592Braintree, Essex, England I123342
27 Sibthorpe, Elizabeth  Abt 1569Braintree, Essex, England I123363
28 Skinner, Anne  1574Braintree, Essex, England I316262
29 Skinner, John  Abt 1600Braintree, Essex, England I111707
30 Skinner, William  1542Braintree, Essex, England I316424
31 Stebbins, Deacon Edward  24 Feb 1595Braintree, Essex, England I141286
32 Talcott, Rachel  Abt 1602Braintree, Essex, England I374236
33 Tough, Frances  Abt 1596Braintree, Essex, England I141287
34 Vessey, Samuel  Braintree, Essex, England I109229
35 Wakeman, John  29 Mar 1601Braintree, Essex, England I131661
36 Warr, Burton  Abt 1588Braintree, Essex, England I123339
37 Whitehead, Priscilla  Abt 1604Braintree, Essex, England I123345


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Stebbins, Mary  Braintree, Essex, England I141288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Marjorie  16 Dec 1620Braintree, Essex, England I316425
2 Baldwin, Grace  22 May 1667Braintree, Essex, England I131792
3 Kellogg, Martin  20 Sep 1661Braintree, Essex, England I278330
4 Loomis, John  29 May 1619Braintree, Essex, England I123334
5 Marsh, John  Feb 1627Braintree, Essex, England I131791
6 Skinner, William  26 Sep 1616Braintree, Essex, England I316424
7 Talcott, John  29 Jan 1604Braintree, Essex, England I316261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Kellogg, Robert  18 Jan 1666Braintree, Essex, England I278305
2 Marsh, John  29 May 1627Braintree, Essex, England I131791


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Marsh / Baldwin  Abt 1613Braintree, Essex, England F53379
2 Stebbins / Tough  Abt 1629Braintree, Essex, England F55958
3 Talcott / Skinner  1591Braintree, Essex, England F126367
4 Tough /   1565Braintree, Essex, England F55537
5 Wadsworth / Talcott  1625Braintree, Essex, England F121536
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