Rav Sharira Gaon

Rav Sharira Gaon

Male - Yes, date unknown    Has no ancestors but 33 descendants in this family tree.

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  • Name Sharira Gaon 
    Prefix Rav 
    Relationshipwith Francis Fox
    Gender Male 
    Died Yes, date unknown 
    Person ID I496070  Geneagraphie
    Last Modified 28 Dec 2004 

     1. Rav Khai Gaon,   b. 939,   d. 1038  (Age 99 years)
    Last Modified 28 Dec 2004 
    Family ID F199846  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 
    • 55.Exilarch Meshulam (Mezhulam). 4th exilarch. His line returned with Ezra to Jerusalem in 458BC and were the ancestors of the first dynasty of the Palestinian
      “Nesi’im”. Had five sons by an unknown wife: (1) Hashubah, (2) Ohel, (3) Exilarch Berechiah, (4) Exilarch Hasadiah, (5) Hushab-Hesed. (???)
      56.Chanania (Khanayia I, Hannaniah)
      57.Brachya (Berkhya, Berachyah)
      58.Yesadia (Chasdaya, Khassidiya, Hasdiah). Sons: Yeshayahu, Hezekiah. The Charlap pedigree and the BERDUGO pedigree both pass through Bustanai
      descendant of Hezekiah. (See The Book of Destiny: Toledot Charlap and Ancila to Toledot Charlap both by Arthur F. Menton.)
      59.Yeshaya (Yeshayahu)
      60.Ovadaya (Uvdia)
      61.Shakhna (Shecaniah). The site http://www.ics.uci.edu/~dan/genealogy/MILLER/roots/rootsa-2.htm#A4] has this Schania and Shmaya (below) interverted.
      According to that version we then continue with Chizkiyah, and then Nosan Ukvon, and the R. Huna, before continuing with R. Nakhum below.
      63.Na'arya (Neariah)
      64.Khiskiya II (Hizkiah)
      65.R. Nakhum
      66.R. Nakhum. (Note: My sources including The ESKELES Geneaology has this record as a duplicate of the record above.)
      67.R. Akuv
      68.R. Nakhum
      69.R. Yokhanan (Johanan), Exilarch at Babylon
      70.R. Shafat (Shefat, Shaphat), Exilarch at Babylon
      71.R. Annan (Hanan, Anan), Exilarch at Babylon around 260-275 CE, early in the period of Sassanid rule in Persia. Married ??? daughter of Rav (Abba ben
      Aivu, or Abba Arikha) founder of the Academy of Sura and cofounder of the Babylonian Talmud. The MILLER Family Tree also descends from R. Anan.
      Contact: Moishe MILLER moishe at langsam.com.
      72.R. Khuna II (Note: This generation is skipped in Don STONE's genealogy)
      73.R. Natan (Nathan I) (Mar Ukba) Exilarch at Babylon around 275-290 CE. He was very learned in Jewish law and noted for charity.
      74.R. Nekhemya I (Nehemiah). Babylonian exilarch around 290-318 CE. His servants sometimes mistreated the many rabbis living at his court. He was not strict
      about dietary laws.
      75.R. Okvan (Mar Ukba II or III) (Nathan), b. about 250 Babylon, Babylonian exilarch around 318-337 CE.
      76.R. Abba (Abba Mar), Exilarch at Babylon around 350-370 CE, b. about 280 Babylon. Children: Safra, and Sashandukht (married King Yezdegird).
      77.Rav Safra (Note: This generation is skipped in Don Stone's genealogy)
      78.R. Khuna (Kahana I), Exilarch at Babylon
      79.Rav Sutra I (Mar Zutra I), Exilarch at Babylon, (b. about 340 Babylon, d. about 413 Babylon), carried as a child to Palestine, leaving a cousin to become
      Exilarch. Became head of the Sanhedrin in Tiberias, which is believed to have been a hereditary title of the next 11 generations. On the Sabbath when the
      people called on him in homage, he was carried to his house on their shoulders. (Contact Don STONE for more descendants.) Ton VAN SANDWIJK
      claims descent from Rav Sutra I.
      80.Rav Saada
      81.Rav Guriya. (His ancestors are quite different from the above according to the Charlap/Iacchia genealogies.)
      82.Rav Sutra II
      83.Rabbi Yaacov
      84.Rav Magis. (The Charlap/Iacchia genealogies give Magis as the son of Hanina son of Shemaiah son of Rabbi Yaacov.)
      85.Rabbi Nekhemya II. (The Charlap/Iacchia genealogies give Nehemiah as the son of Misa son of Rav Magis.)
      86.Rav Avidima (should be Dimi? or Abdimi?)
      87.Rav Abai
      88.Rav Pinkhas, a noted grammarian, perhaps the author of The Seder Olam Zutta or Small World Chronicle, recognized by the Palestinians as the heir of
      David, though the title of Exilarch was borne by his distant cousins in Babylon.
      89.Rav Khazuv (Hazub), last mentioned Davidic prince in the Seder Olam Zutta, son of grammarian Pinhas. Children: Rabbi, David. The Iacchia and Charlap
      families traces their ancestry through David's son Nathan's son Abraham's son Zakkai's son David's son Hiyya ha Nasi's son Ya'ish's son Yaha, treasurer of
      King Alfonso of Portugal. (See The Book of Destiny: Toledot Charlap and Ancila to Toledot Charlap both by Arthur F. Menton.)
      90.Rav Rabba (Mar Aba Gaon). (Alternatively according to David HUGHES RDavidH218-at-aol.com Mar Rav Aba was the son of Sofro Demar Yosef son of
      Rabba Gaon son of Dodai Gaon son of Nachma son of Ravya.)
      91.Rav Marimar
      92.Rav Shmuel Reish Kalah Hagaon
      93.Mar Yehuda (Judah b. Samuel) (d. 916). Served as Gaon of Pumbedita from 906 to 911. Married Judith daughter of Tzemach (Gaon of Pumpedita, d. 891)
      son of Paltiel (Gaon of Pumpedita, d. 840) or of Mar Chayim Gaon (see David HUGHES RDavidH218-at-aol.com.
      94.R. Khanaya II (Hananiah b. Judah) (d. 942). Served as Gaon of Pumbedita from 938 to 943.
      95.Rav Sharira Gaon (Sherira b. Hananiah) (906-1006). Served as Gaon of Pumbedita from 968 to 998 after having served as av bet din. For genealogy, see Iggeret Sheria Ga'on 92 (editted recently in Hebrew and English by Rabbi Nathan David Rabinowich.)

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