Kung Erik VIII av Sverige, 'Victorious'

Kung Erik VIII av Sverige, 'Victorious'

Male Abt 930 - Abt 995  (~ 65 years)    Has 3 ancestors and more than 100 descendants in this family tree.

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  • Name Erik VIII av Sverige 
    Prefix Kung 
    Suffix 'Victorious' 
    Relationshipwith Francis Fox
    Born Abt 930 
    Gender Male 
    Died Abt 995 
    Person ID I17210  Geneagraphie | Voorouders HW, Ahnen BvS
    Last Modified 19 Mar 2010 

    Father Edmund av Sverige,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Siblings 1 sibling 
    Family ID F8087  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Father Bjorn "the Old" Eriksson,   b. 868,   d. 950  (Age 82 years) 
    Mother Ingeborg,   b. Abt 872,   d. Aft 934  (Age ~ 63 years) 
    Siblings 1 sibling 
    Family ID F7974  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 1 Swietoslava Polski,   b. 967,   d. 2 Feb 1014  (Age 47 years) 
     1. Kung Olof Skötkonung,   d. Yes, date unknown
     2. Edmund av Sverige,   d. Yes, date unknown
     3. Helmfrid Eriksdotter,   d. Yes, date unknown
    Last Modified 19 Mar 2010 
    Family ID F5588  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 2 Sigrid, 'The Proud',   b. Abt 950,   d. Yes, date unknown 
     1. King Olaf III av Sverige,   b. 960,   d. 1021  (Age 61 years)
     2. Helmfrid Eriksdotter,   d. Yes, date unknown
    Last Modified 19 Mar 2010 
    Family ID F46894  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 
    • King abt 970-995.
      Father: Possibly Emund Eriksson.
      Erik is the first King that we can say was king over all of Sweden. He succeded Emund Eriksson.
      He was married, but we do not know for sure to whom. It was either Sigrid Storråda, daughter of Skoglar Toste, or Princess Gunhild of Poland, daughter of Prince Mieszko and sister till Boleslav I, Poland's first king. Other sources talk about a Slavic princess. His widow is anyhow said to have married King Sven of Denmark and England. Son: Olof.

      Erik Victorious is famous for his victory over Vikings at Fyrisvallarna near Uppsala abt 985.

      The Earliest Kings

      Sweden has existed for so long, and in a region where there were very few written books, so we don't know very much about the country's earliest history and her first kings. Johannes Magnus, the last (latest?) Roman Catholic arch bishop in Sweden made efforts to solve this problem by writing his version of the Swedish history. Most of the kings he wrote about have never existed, but they are the reason why e.g. the present King is called Carl XVI Gustaf even though there have only been ten kings with the name Carl/Karl.

      Two peoples lived in Sweden: Svear and Göter. Both peoples had kings and sometimes the two peoples were reigned by the same king. The Svear defeated the Göter in the 6th century, and since then it has been one people. However, the Kings of Sweden called themselves Sweden's and Göthe's King until 1973.

      1. Magog. Noah's grandson.
      2. Sven
      3. Ubbo
      4. Gether
      5. Siggo
      6. Erik
      7. Berico. A great warrior. He sailed with his men and conquered Estonia, Livia, the land of the Ulmerugs, Pomerania, Poliona and Magnopolia. Son: Humulfus.
      8. Humulfus.
      9. Humelus (Humulfus' nephew). The Danes were attacked by the Saxons and their King Iutho. Humelus helped them get rid of the Saxons and he let his sons Dan and Angel govern the Danes. Dan was the one who gave Danmark (Denmark) its name. Angel went to England. England is named after him. Dan's and Angel's brother Norus made himself King of Norway. Sons: Dan, Angel, Norus, Gothilas.
      10. Gothilas
      11. Sigthunius, He had a beautiful daughter called Gro. The Danish Crown Prince Gram proposed to her, but she was already promised to King Sumblus of Finland. Gram won Gro's heart and he ran off with her, which made Sigthunius go to war against him. In the final battle, Gram killed Sigthunius and tried to take over Sweden, but this was prevented by Scarinus.
      12. Scarinus. He was killed in a fight with Gram.
      13. Sibdagerus. A close relative of Scarinus. He married Gram's and Gro's daughter and killed Gram. Son: Asmund.
      14. Asmund. He was taught to call out demons by his teacher, the magician Vagnoptus. Married to Gumilda. Sons: Uffo, Hundingus
      15. Uffo.
      16. Hundingus. He committed suicide. Son: Ragnar.
      17. Ragnar. Married to the Danish King Hadingus' daughter Svanvit. Son: Hothebrotus.
      Hothebrotus. Married to Princess Gyritha of Norway. Conquered many countries and he had a realm from the river Don to England. Son: Attilus.
      18. Attilus. Married to Ursilia from Denmark. She ran off to Denmark with the state's gold and silver. In Denmark reigned Ursilia's son Rolvo. Attilus defeated Rolvo and made his dog Raccho Ruler of Denmark.
      19. Hotherus, Attilus' brother. Son: Rodericus.
      20. Rodericus. Son: Attilus.
      21. Attilus. Son: Botuildus.
      22. Karl
      23. Grimerus. A terrible tyrant. Son: Tord.
      24. Tord
      25. Gotharus. Son: Adolf.
      26. Adolf. Conquered Denmark.
      27. Algot. Son Erik.
      28. Erik
      29. Lindormus. During his reign Julius Caesar came to Scandinavia, but was so terrified by the people here, that he left in a hurry. The Swedish people however didn't forget him and named 25 of December after him (In Swedish: Juldagen).
      30. Alarik.
      31. Erik. Married to Gunvara. Sons: Gethericus, Haldanus.
      32. Haldanus
      33. Eugen
      34. Regnaldus. Son: Amund.
      35. Amund.
      36. Sivardus
      37. Ingo
      38. Nearchus
      39. Östen
      40. Fliolmus. An alcoholic.
      41. Sverker
      42. Valander
      43. Visbur. A tyrant. Killed by his sons.
      44. Domalder
      45. Domarus, a good but weak king.
      46. Attilus
      47. Dignerus
      48. Dagerus
      49. Alaricus
      50. Ingo
      51. Ingellus
      52. Germund
      53. Håkan Ring
      54. Egil Vendelkråka
      55. Gotharus. Murdered by his brother Gasto
      56. Fasto
      57. Gudmund
      58. Adelus
      59. Östen
      60. Björn
      61. Ravaldus
      62. Svartmannus
      63. Tord. Faught a war against King Arthur of England.
      64. Rudolf
      65. Hathinus
      66. Attilus
      67. Tord
      68. Algot
      69. Östen Gostagus
      70. Arthus
      71. Håkan
      72. Karl
      73. Karl
      74. Birger
      75. Erik
      76. Torillus
      77. Björn
      78. Alaricus
      79. Björn in Birka. In his days came Ansgar, Sweden's Apostel, to Sweden.
      80. Bröt-Anund. Killed by his brother Sivardus.
      81. Sivardus
      82. Ragnar Lodbrok
      83. Herotus
      84. Karl
      85. Björn
      86. Ingevallus
      87. Ivar. Ragnar Lodbrok's son.
      88. Olof Trätälja. Ingevallus' son.
      89. Ingo
      90. Erik Weatherhat. Could controll the weather with his hat.
      91. Erik Victorious.

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